Definition of Marriage

Marriage between a man and a woman is for most, an understood standard of society. As a child, do you remember seeing a movie or television show that portrayed the trials and tribulations of a man and woman in love? The answer for almost everyone is undoubtedly yes. At that point in your life, do you also remember attempting to imagine when and where you would find your soul-mate? Naturally, the answer again would be yes- even more notable is that almost everyone’s first thought of a spouse was most likely a member of the opposite sex. Whether ultimately gay or not, children and adults were raised with the notion that our “true love,” no matter where we find our spouse or when, would indisputably be of the opposite sex.

 Religion plays a key role in many societies’ views of marriage. From Catholic to Christian to Muslim, heterosexuality is deemed the ordinary. Even today, despite younger generations having far less affiliation with religion, we assume the guy or girl that catches our eye at the library or at a party, is straight.

 Our notion of marriage and relationships is also evident through our language. Words such as “Fag,” or “Gay,” which once had entirely different meanings in a historical context, now carry an extremely negative connotation. Even when not used as an attack on someone who is known to be a homosexual, these words slip the mouths of thousands of people every day when describing an annoying person, or merely an upsetting situation.

 Homosexuality is becoming more and more an accepted social issue in American society today, although the notion that our society has been unable to declare whether the definition of marriage could be somehow corrupted by allowing the marriage of a homosexual couples is the ultimate proof of a socially constructed idea. America was founded on the idea of separation of church and state, yet oddly enough, governments are voting to uphold an idea that is purely a religiously oriented concept. Whether the Bible states marriage as between a man and woman or not, the government, and in turn our society, should not be bound by this view of marriage, as we have been wrongly led to believe that marriage has been protected as a legal right rather than simply a religious rule.

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One thought on “Definition of Marriage

  1. The central argument is about how social construction has made marriage between man and woman the standard idea and how our views of homosexuality has changed over time. The post provides concrete examples by describing how throughout our childhood experiences, we’re exposed to seeing only male-female couples. In addition, there are evidence from the Bible that disapproves of same-sex marriages. The current elections also involve issues regarding this topic. The change in the meaning of the words “gay” and “fag” based on social factors are relevant to what we are learning in the course. This post contains a lot of analysis about our views on marriage and homosexuality. The reference to religion really affects the perspective of what we deem as acceptable or unacceptable. The image used perfectly describes the topic. I really liked the introduction because those experiences really applied to me when I was a child. The organization is also easy to follow.

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